For Foreigners Smartphone Salon E

For Foreigners Smartphone Salon

May. 19th Sunday

10:00 am~11:30 am

Smartphone Salon: A gathering of chatting about how to use our smartphones to make our life more conveniently.


The procedures can be done by smartphones

  • Check the APP:マイナポータル
  • Payment of National Pension & Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment
  • Different Applications about the Status of Residence (Now, only by computers.) & etc.

Multilingual information from local government

  • Yokohama City Homepage, LINE official account
  • YOKE Multilingual Information Transmission「よこyoko」
  • KIF Kanagawa International Foundation & etc.

Information from the participants

  • Sharing the life support information and the improvement of Konan Lounge Homepage

Consultation(How to  use the smartphone)

  • How to organize the photos.
  • Article reading and etc.

Place: Yumeoooka Office Tower 13F Lounge classroom 
Limited to: First 7 applicants. 
Fee: 500en Once paid, no refund
Application: From Apr. 15th (Mon), come to the lounge.
People who can read katakana and Hiragana.
Sponsor: Yokohama Konan International Lounge TEL:045(848)0990